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About Our Tree Removal Company in Sarasota, Florida

When it comes to tree removal, we understand the need for fast, friendly service. That's why our tree removal company is dedicated to providing expert solutions, available 24/7. In addition to emergency tree removal, we offer some of the most affordable rates, free no-obligation quotes, and a variety of customized solutions that will fit any need or budget. 

Interested in learning more about us? Please request a quote online or give us a call! We're looking forward to working with you on your project.

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High-Quality Sarasota Tree Services

The goal of our expert tree company is to provide you with skillful tree removal & tree care services in your Sarasota area. Let your team of professionals handle the manual labor so that you can sit back and relax by your pool.

Tree Removal

When you have a tree you need to be removed, look no further than SRQ Tree Care & Removal Service who are experts in the business of everything tree. Our team of tree experts provides efficient and affordable services in your Sarasota area to take down due to threatening roots, storm damage, or potential fall hazards.

Tree Stump Removal

Get rid of that eyesore tree stump in the middle of your lawn, which could be causing damage with it's spreading roots! We provide professional stump removal and grinding based on your individualized needs. Our experts use high-quality machinery to take care of your tree stump once and for all!

Tree Trimming

When you trim or prune your trees or greenery, you are providing tree care. This allows trees to grow and thrive to their full potential with this tree care service provided by our Sarasota tree team. Tree trimming also adds to the curb appeal of your house and landscape as it adds to the beautiful appearance and adds value to the property. 

Emergency Service

When hurricane season hits in Florida, this brings down power lines, building structures, and of course, trees. If you find your landscape or neighborhood suddenly strewn with debris, branches, and fallen trees...we are the experts to call. Our tree team provides emergency tree removal in Sarasota, FL so that you can have peace of mind after a storm.

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Think of cables or braces as supports for your trees! Sometimes your tree will require quality bracing or cabling services due to breakage of tree limbs or weakened areas. Our Sarasota tree arborists can apply steel cables or braces to the tree in order to stay structurally sound and provide strength during hurricane season. 

Land Clearing

We pride ourselves on providing lot and land clearing services in an eco-friendly manner. This means that we work carefully to preserve land and vegetation which are not part of the land clearing process. By using specialized techniques, our Sarasota team will clear only what is necessary so that the surrounding plants and wildlife do not decline after the clearing process is complete.


SRQ Tree Care & Removal Service, Care, & Clearing

Sarasota tree removal - tech sawing a tree limb

SRQ Tree Care & Removal Service

Although our trusted Sarasota tree service team hopes we don't have to remove your trees, we are here when you need us. Just like all living things, trees go through a life cycle at different stages of their lives requiring care, maintenance, and sometimes, removal. We are an experienced crew of arborists with the eco-friendly goal of helping your trees to flourish and grow with your landscape.

When is it necessary to remove a tree? Our Sarasota tree care service experts can provide you with an individualized assessment to help you determine if your tree is worth investing in order to mitigate the damage or if removal is a better option.

SRQ Tree Care & Removal Service offers high-quality services in Sarasota FL. Call us today to learn more or to receive a free quote.


Efficient Large Tree Removal

Some Sarasota tree removal service companies will not provide you with service if the tree is too difficult of a project due to the expertise. But hazards that come with the job. At SRQ Tree Care & Removal Service, we like to say that we can tackle any project big or small. We understand that when it’s time to remove a large tree, this can feel like a huge project and unmanageable.

Our team of specialists takes the guesswork out of the equation for you. Our experts goal is always to maintain the health and beauty of your trees and landscape. However, sometimes this is not always possible and large tree removal is the better alternative. When you require large tree removal in Sarasota, we provide you with an expert assessment and affordable quote.

Contact our team of Sarasota tree professionals for your estimate on residential tree services!

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Sarasota tree removal - tech removing a large tree
palm palm tree removal in sarasota florida

Sarasota Palm Tree Care & Removal

Palm trees in Florida state are often considered to be a symbol of the luxurious tropics. However, they are also known to be prone to infection and disease, such as lethal bronzing. If your trees become infected, diseased, or infested, this will cause them to die slowly. While this occurrence in itself appears unattractive as a part of your landscape, it also creates the risk of these trees spreading diseases or infestations to other structures or pieces of the landscape.

If you notice the palm trees on your residential or commercial property turning brown, call our experts to receive an assessment to determine if they require palm tree removal in Sarasota.


Tree Stump Removal in Your Sarasota, FL area

In order to determine if you need a stump removed, ask yourself if the stump is a mowing nuisance, preventing new plants and landscape from growing, is creating a safety hazard, or taking up valuable space on your lawn. If you answered yes to any of these reasons, it’s time to call SRQ Tree Care & Removal Service to remove or grind down your stump. Our experts use specialized machinery and equipment in order to complete the tree stump removal in the safest and most efficient way possible. 

When you decide you require tree stump removal in Sarasota. We are the tree professionals to call for residential and commercial properties!

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tree stump removal in sarasota fl
emergency tree removal sarasota fl

24/7 Emergency Tree Removal

Florida is infamous for hurricane season and all the chaos that it brings. If you find yourself or your neighborhood in Sarasota county experiencing damage to or fallen trees from the storm, don’t hesitate to call SRQ Tree Care & Removal Service for emergency tree removal in Sarasota, FL.

Our Sarasota tree service team provides efficient and decisive tree removal and care in an emergency situation. Our team arrives on the scene quickly to assess the damage, determine removal needs, and further gauge the hazard potential of other trees on your property created by the storm. Our goal is always to avoid putting your property and family in harm’s way. We also provide preventative services to combat potential future storm damage including tree pruning or bracing for weakened trees. All trees at risk require emergency tree removal by our trained and licensed arborists.

Call us today to receive a free risk assessment and quote for maintenance services in your Sarasota area!


Commercial Tree Removal

If you’re looking for commercial tree removal in Sarasota, FL, then look no further. SRQ Tree Care & Removal Service is your locally owned and operated commercial tree removal services business. Whether you require assistance for lot clearance or in order to maintain the landscape of the commercial property, our team of Sarasota tree removal professionals is ready to assist you. We bring local knowledge of tree removal as well as decades of experience in the business. Our specialized equipment combined with expertise can handle any commercial tree removal project big or small that you require our tree services for.

SRQ Tree Care & Removal Service will get the job done right in an efficient, affordable way. Inquire about our commercial tree services in your Sarasota area today!

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commercial tree removal services in sarasota fl
tree trimming services in sarasota county

Sarasota Tree Trimming

Our professional tree service company provides consistent tree trimming services to residents all over Sarasota requiring affordable and reliable services. When you trim the trees on your property, it is safe to complete on branches 2-3 inches in diameter. However, if you need to trim branches with a greater diameter, please contact our team of arborists! We always have your safety and the health of your tree in mind.

Sometimes tree trimming can require a ladder putting the tree trimmer close to other structures and power lines with an increased risk of injury or falling. Call SRQ Tree Care & Removal Service to have a qualified arborist with specialized tree care equipment and professional services to complete the job for you for your safety.


Professional Tree Pruning

Often, our Sarasota tree removal customers will ask us to help them complete tree care as well, including pruning trees when necessary. When trees are pruned, it maintains the health and vitality of that tree. Our expert arborists recommend tree pruning in order to:

  • Reduce the risk of weak or dead branches falling
  • Maintain tree health for years to come
  • Manage the production of the tree of flowers and fruit
  • Increase the structure of the tree and stability
  • Reduce shade and wind resistance during storms 
  • Improve the aesthetics or appearance of the tree

When you require our experienced tree service team to provide you with Sarasota tree pruning services, call us for a quote for your property!

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tree pruning service sarasota
tree cabling service sarasota fl

Expert Tree Cabling & Bracing in Your Sarasota Area

While our team of tree experts specializes in tree trimming and removal, we also provide tree care and maintenance services in order to prevent having to remove them. One of the ways this is completed is through cabling and bracing the tree to improve structural strength and decrease the presence of weakness causing a risk of fall.

Cabling incorporates installing steel rods among the major branches and relocates structural stress to other areas of the tree. This technique can also reduce the chance of damage during severe weather and hurricane season. Bracing is a method used by our Sarasota arborists to provide more rigidity to the tree by installing steel rods above or below damaged areas. Both methods work together to stabilize the tree in order to help the tree heal and maintain its health for as long as possible.

Call us today to receive a professional cable and bracing assessment and price quote in your Sarasota county!


Land Clearing

When you have a construction project in Sarasota county, the first step for the land to be cleared and prepared. Typically, when you receive tree removal and land clearing services for a construction project, the entirety of the land’s ecosystem is destroyed or marred. However, at SRQ Tree Care & Removal Service, we pride ourselves on the fact that we complete land clearing based on a selective eco-friendly mindset. This means that we use techniques and equipment that helps to keep the surrounding Sarasota wildlife intact and alive. 

Call us today to learn more about our environmentally friendly approach to clearing the land in your Sarasota area!

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land clearing and tree removal in sarasota

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